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^^ seriously tho 

Anonymous said: How much do they pay if you don't mind me asking? Do you work a lot?

I don’t wanna be specific, but they do pay me enough. It’s worth the late night hours. Not ATM, as I’m still new. I’m gradually working more shifts.

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Anonymous said: Hello beautiful! Hope you had a great day today because you deserve the best ! But I was just wondering what are some of your favourite clubs to go to in Melbourne ? Stay beautiful xx

Hello lovely! You’re so sweet. I really wish the nice anons would just come off anon sometimes. My day was mediocre, but then I squeezed in some Max Brenner and the rest of the evening was great. I hope you’re doing well also! I haven’t been out lately, but I’d suggest Wow Fridays @ Studio 3, Forever Fridays @ Alumbra, Scarlett Saturdays @ Miss Collins or Yoyo Saturdays @ Key Club if you’re into RnB. It really depends on what event they’re running on the night. I assume you’re not from Melbourne, where are you from love? Stay gorgeous anon! :)

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Anonymous said: That sounds fun! Was it easy to get in and did you need any experience? How did you apply for the position?

It’s incredibly fun, I even told my friends I’d be willing to do it for free after my first shift haha. I didn’t have any experience in bartending at all, but I did have experience in hospitality. I initially was only supposed to help out for one night to help out a friend that manages the bar, but here I am.. :)

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Anonymous said: Where do you work :)?

I bartend at Randy Dragon. I only just crawled into bed after work and it’s 6:45AM. I shall be sleeping all day. Goodnight and have a lovely day. :)

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